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Boosh Art Club for April


Better late than never… and this is going to be a long post so I will attempt to put most of it under a cut… anyway here goes, here is my Boosh Art for April’s theme ‘Moments from the radio series’.
photo bk_zpsb2a282c1.jpg
‘I Saul Sing What I Saul Saw’ is a collaged accordion book/wall hanging based on one of my very favourite radioverse moments, when Vince and Howard have finally found Tommy and he’s making them listen to his son Saul sing about all the things he couldn’t sing about during his thirty year as a mute.

photo accordion_zps39bdb78b.jpg

Excuse the rubbish picture. I will take a better one when the thing’s been properly flattened and will stand up straight!

More waffle and pics under the cut.

Family and I were walking in the woods the other week looking at spring flowers and birds and stuff and naturally at some point someone said sonorously ‘First I saw the soil… then I saw a pebble…’ and it got me thinking.

I think about this sort of stuff way too much.

It got me thinking about what it would be like to be mute, and it got me thinking about how you learn to see, and then to assign meaning to what you see, and how you communicate that in words… and then it struck me that this little throwaway moment is a lot more than just a joke at the expense of all boring people who have ever made you watch all their holiday videos or forced their child to play its party piece on the ukulele. It’s a brilliant metaphor for the frustration that all creative people feel when trying to express themselves in whatever medium. Especially if, like me, you aren’t particularly skilled in the vast majority of techniques.

So I took a bunch of photos, including one pointing the camera straight down at the soil and then straight up at the sky from the same spot. Just simple snapshots, no fancy camera settings. And I composed more of the poem - a lot more - changing it gradually from a simple list to a more descriptive poem that showed how Saul had begun by looking down at the ground and seen a bird fly up into the trees, and brambles and roses growing up the trees, and looked up to see where the things had gone, and saw the sky, and heard someone singing and realised it was him, and a lot of stuff about up and down and above and below and that sort of thing.

First technical hitch came when I tried to print out the photos: my printer had a fault that put weird purple and blue lines across most of the pictures. It’s fixed now, but the more I looked at the faulty pictures the more I thought they were just what I needed to try to put across how Saul at first can’t see clearly but then eventually learns to. So I used them just as they were, some all stripey and some with the odd coloured bits removed and the remainder stuck back together, not necessarily in the right order.

The poem got drastically shortened as I decided to hand-print the wording. In the end I only had time to make half a dozen panels and anyway they get my point across. At least I hope they do. I’ve added scraps from vintage book pages, fragments of my own extremely boring nature notes from 1975, and some bits of a French children’s music score that came with a toy piano we bought at a boot sale. I was delighted to find that ‘sol’ also means ‘soil’.

Oh sorry, pictures, you wanted to see pictures, I do get very carried away by details. Here is the whole thing and then each page separately. It can be read as a book or hung on a wall, either way up…

photo flat_zps3c603e65.jpg

First I saw the Soil:
photo soil_zps1b3f3695.jpg
Then I saw a Pebble:
photo pebble_zps7d1fd682.jpg
Then I saw some Grass, I also saw some Moss:
photo grass_zps6d87215c.jpg
I saw up through the Trees:
photo trees_zps041c61b0.jpg
I saw up to THE SKY:
photo sky_zpsa7b4b8f0.jpg
I saw Someone with Songs to Sing, I saw that One was I:
photo songs_zpseab6a5bd.jpg

Thanks for another inspiring theme, I really enjoyed that!



This is themightyfieldingandreedus’s photo but I made these as a present and was wondering if anyone would want to buy similar things? If anyone would be interested about prices or just interested in general can you put an question in my ask box. I was also considering doing other themes such as doctor who, Harry Potter etc thanks

I love all the references on these shoes! Hit up the maker’s ask-box if you’re interested in a pair.

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